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Spring Hill Fall Festival Royalty

The goal of Fall Festival Royalty is to help make our community a better place.  Part of that will be through volunteering.  This will be a fun way to help out, while also making our presence known in the community.  All activities will be led by your Queen director Alicia Morgan.  There will be several different opportunities to get your volunteer hours.  All applicants must plan on volunteering. 

Queen will be chosen on 50% participation, 30% on interview, and 20% on monies collected.

Queens are responsible for obtaining a civic group or local business sponsor.  Sponsors will get their name on your sash as well as on your T-shirt, which will be worn at the Fall Festival and during volunteering hours. 

The Queen will be crowned at the end of the talent show, on Friday night.  All contestants will help make a float for the Queen and candidates to ride in the parade!   


If you would like to be a Spring Hill Fall Festival Queen Participant:

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